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A Family Discovery

We are asked if we come from jewelry backgrounds. As for Mary, although she might not be, she might as well have been in that her abilities are spectacularly suited to the field.

When it comes to Warren, it would be best answered through a small story:

Prior to his exposure to the antique rose cuts in India, he never dreamed himself being a jeweler. With a family of doctors, entertainers and artists, that was the furthest thing from his mind. The reason for his journey to India was to negotiate a way into Unicef, headquartered in New Delhi, the hope to use his fine art abilities and master’s of Public Administration credentials to assist with visual aids to successfully implement a profoundly effective oral rehydration therapy to save lives of infants.

It was twenty five years later, during a summer visit of a relative, when she shared a photograph of his great grandmother, great grandfather, and child. While Warren was admiring the dress she wore in the photo, the cousin remarked “well you know what her father’s family did?” He had no idea what they did. They were jewelers. His great, great grandfather would travel to the east procuring gemstones, return to create jewelry which he would take to Paris to his customers. He died on one trip to the east when he was 45 years old, she said.

This shocked Warren who informed his mother of this news. She explained that she was in possession of a cherished ring, (in fact worn in the picture), from that great grandmother which was in her safety deposit box. Out of complete curiosity the ring was retrieved upon their return home. To his amazement, upon examining the ring, it was set exclusively with the same rose cut diamonds. The sophistication of the design left him speechless…which he rarely ever is!